Horizontal Spilt Case Pumps IHSCP Series

The IHSCP Series from Inox Pumps is a robust and reliable range of horizontal split case pumps. Our products are designed to provide superior performance in applications ranging from cooling water to hot oil circulation, as well as booster service, fire protection, and irrigation.

Built with precision craftsmanship and tested for quality assurance, each IHSCP pump features an enclosed impeller design that eliminates the need for external adjustment, reducing maintenance costs over time.

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With our durable cast iron construction and stainless steel fasteners, these pumps will provide years of reliable operation.

Our industry-leading technology also ensures maximum efficiency while operating under load, making the IHSCP Series one of the most powerful horizontal split cases pumps available on the market today. With a wide range of sizes and configurations, you can easily find the right pump for your specific needs.

From superior performance to low maintenance costs, the IHSCP Series Horizontal Split Case Pumps are sure to meet any demanding application requirement. For more information about our full line of horizontal split case pumps, contact us today! We look forward to helping you find the perfect solution for your unique pumping needs.

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Specification of Horizontally Split Centrifugal Pumps Types IHSCP

Capacity (Maximum)

22,000 m3/hr

Head (Maximum)

180 m



Working Pressure

18 kg/cm2

Types Of Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Mild Steel Horizontal Split Casing Pump

Mild Steel Horizontal Split Casing Pump

Horizontal Split Casing Double Bearing Pump

Horizontal Split Casing Double Bearing Pump

Horizontal Split Casing Water Pump

Horizontal Split Casing Water Pump

Exploded View Horizontal Spilt Case Pump IHSCP Series

Horizontal Spilt Case Pump IHSCP Series Exploded View

Performance Curve IHSCP Series-Horizontal Spilt Case Pump

IHSCP Series-Horizontal Spilt Case Pump Perforamance Curve

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Features Of Split-Case Pumps Type Horizontal

Provides very good wear resistance due to stainless steel construction.

Wide range of pumps to match with different duty points.

Lighter in weight which reduces installation cost.

Pumps are equipped with replaceable stainless steel wear rings on the impeller.

100% high-grade stainless steel inside and outside provides maximum reliability.

Stainless steel construction – rust free – hygienic water supply.

Better life in sand & other abrasives as well as sea water (salty) application.

All pumps are equipped with a reliable non-return valve to reduce water hammer.

Since Pumps are made out of stainless steel sheet metal, Resulting in low friction loss, high pump overall efficiency & low operating cost.

All cast iron parts shall be CED (cathode electrode deposition) coated for corrosion resistance with uniform coating and controlled deposition thickness of 20-30 microns.

The strainer is permanently fitted on the pump and it is not required to be removed when pump is coupled with motor, this ensures that strainer is always installed properly preventing damage to the pump from small stones entering the pump.

Since pumps are made out of 100% stainless steel material they are best suited for hygienic drinking water application.

Incase of reduction in flow due to increase in clearance only the wear ring needs to be changed instead of impeller.

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