IHSSP Series High Suction Self Priming Pumps

The IHSSP Series High Suction Self Priming Pumps are a type of centrifugal pump designed to provide maximum suction lift capabilities. The pumps feature an inverted impeller design that enables them to pull and self-prime liquid from a higher level than the pump’s inlet port. This makes the pump ideal for applications where liquid needs to be quickly transferred from one place to another, such as dewatering or water transfer operations. The speed at which these pumps can prime also makes them suitable for use with difficult fluids, such as liquids containing high amounts of abrasive particles or suspended solids.

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The IHSSP Series is constructed with quality materials and components for added strength, durability, and longevity. Features like a balanced impeller, mechanically sealed end shields, and dual mechanical seals help ensure the longevity of the pump. The pumps come in various sizes for different flow rates and have a maximum suction lift capability of over 20 feet.

The IHSSP Series is widely used in a variety of industries such as mining, construction, chemical processing, agricultural irrigation, manufacturing, and more. Its ability to handle difficult liquids makes it an ideal option for many applications. Whether you need to transfer water quickly or dewater slurries with suspended solids, the IHSSP Series High Suction Self Priming Pump has you covered. With their quality components and reliable performance, these pumps provide an efficient solution every time.

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Specification of Self Priming Monoblock Pumps

Head Range

5 to 45m


0.5 & 1 HP


IP 44

Flow Range

12 to 62lpm


1440 rpm

Types Of High Suction Self Priming Pumps IHSSP Series

1HP Super Suction Self priming Pump

1HP Super Suction Self priming Pump

High Pressure Self Priming Pump 1.1HP

High Pressure Self Priming Pump 1.1HP

Self Priming Monoblock Pumps 1HP

Self Priming Monoblock Pumps 1HP

Exploded View High Pressure Self Priming Water Pump-IHSSP Series

High Pressure Self Priming Water Pump-IHSSP Series Exploded View

Performance Curve Self Priming IHSSP Series Monoblock Pumps

Self Priming IHSSP Series Monoblock Pumps Performance Curve

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Features Of High Pressure Self Priming Water Pump-IHSSP Series

Since pumps are made out of 100% stainless steel material they are best suited for hygienic drinking water application.

Since Pumps are made out of stainless steel sheet metal, Resulting in low friction loss, high pump overall efficiency & low operating cost.

Stainless steel construction – rust free – hygienic water supply.

Better life in sand & other abrasives as well as sea water (salty) application.

Provides very good wear resistance due to stainless steel construction.

Incase of reduction in flow due to increase in clearance only the wear ring needs to be changed instead of impeller.

All pumps are equipped with a reliable non-return valve to reduce water hammer.

Pumps are equipped with replaceable stainless steel wear rings on the impeller.

The strainer is permanently fitted on the pump and it is not required to be removed when pump is coupled with motor, this ensures that strainer is always installed properly preventing damage to the pump from small stones entering the pump.

100% high-grade stainless steel inside and outside provides maximum reliability.

Lighter in weight which reduces installation cost.

All cast iron parts shall be CED (cathode electrode deposition) coated for corrosion resistance with uniform coating and controlled deposition thickness of 20-30 microns.

Wide range of pumps to match with different duty points.

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