uPVC Column Pipes

uPVC column pipes are highly durable and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. The strength of uPVC makes it the ideal material for columns, while its lightweight construction ensures quick installation. With their resistance to corrosion, these pipes are guaranteed to stand the test of time no matter what environment they’re installed in.

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These versatile pipes come in a range of sizes, making them suitable for any project requiring columns of different heights or widths. They also feature an aesthetically pleasing finish that can blend seamlessly into any outdoor landscape design. Additionally, if you’re looking for something with added detail, our uPVC column pipes can be customized to meet your exact requirements.

For an easy-to-install and reliable solution, choose uPVC column pipes from our range. Whether you’re looking for a robust support system or an aesthetically pleasing feature for your outdoor space, these products are available at the most reasonable prices.

You can trust that our uPVC column pipes will last for many years thanks to their superior strength and durability. With minimal maintenance required and unbeatable performance, these products provide long-lasting value no matter what application they are used in. Plus, they won’t rust or corrode over time like other materials making them perfect for any climate.

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Specification of uPVC Column Pipe



Nominal Diameter

1″, 1¼”, 1½ “, 2″, 2½”, 3″, 4″, 5″ & 6″

Types of Pipes

Elite, Medium, Standard, Heavy & Super Heavy

Length of Pipe

Upto 6 meters

Working Pressure

2.5 Kg/sqcm


Upto 10 mm

Types Of uPVC Column Pipes

1″ Elite uPVC Column Pipe

1″ Elite uPVC Column Pipe

2″ Medium uPVC Column Pipe

2″ Medium uPVC Column Pipe

4″ Heavy uPVC Column Pipe

4″ Heavy uPVC Column Pipe

Pressure Chart Of uPVC Column Pipe

Size (inch) Size(mm) Class Type Pressure (kg/cm 2) Std. Pkg. (No. of Length) Screen Colour
1 33 ECO Bell 12.5 35 Orange
ECO COUPLER 12.5 35 Orange
ECO 15 30 Purple
MED 21 30 Green
STD 30 25 Red
11/4" 42 ECO Bell 12.5 25 Orange
ECO COUPLER 12.5 25 Orange
ECO 15 25 Purple
MED 21 25 Green
STD 25 25 Red
11/2" 48 ECO COUPLER 15 20 Purple
MED 21 20 Green
STD 26 20 Red
2" 60 ECO COUPLER 8 15 Purple
MED 13 15 Green
STD 20 15 Red
Heavy 27 15 Black
21/2 75 MED COUPLER 10 10 Green
STD 16 10 Red
Heavy 26 10 Black
3" 88 MED COUPLER 11 5 Green
STD 17 5 Red
Heavy 26 5 Black
4" 113 MED COUPLER 10 5 Green
STD 15 5 Red
Heavy 26 5 Black

Features Of uPVC Column Pipes

Surface finish of this pipe is extremely smooth which reduces the hydraulic friction losses and increase flow water.

Internal and External Square threaded spigot ends and rubber gasket for easy, reliable joining and pressure sealing.

Special square thread given quick & easy installation facility and having very high load bearing capacity.

Inside seal in 140g ring for turbulence free leak proof joint and prevents over tightening.

Step ring prevents leakages and control the vibration and over tightening.

Very smooth internal surface increases 10% to 30% Water & Reduces 10% to 20% Power consumption.

Provision of outer ring to prevent leakage and over tightening.

Extra-long coupler in Heavy & Super Heavy series for higher load pulling strength and maintenance free jointing system over period of time.

Corrosion Free & Insert to Alkaline and Non-Alkaline liquids.

No Electrolytic Deposition.


Easy Installation & Handling.

Lead free, no effect of pipe material on water.

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