uPVC Casing Pipes

uPVC Casing Pipes are made to withstand the toughest conditions. They are designed to be long-lasting and cost-efficient while providing superior performance in protecting your valuable investments. With their low-maintenance design and exceptional durability, uPVC Casing Pipes are a great choice for any project.

These pipes provide excellent barrier properties, preventing the entry of water and other liquids.

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The construction is strong and reliable with an inner wall that helps prevent corrosion, extending its useful life. These pipes also feature chemical resistance, making them suitable for underground applications or where corrosive chemicals may come in contact with other materials. Additionally, they have a high tolerance to extreme temperatures, so you can confidently use this product in any weather condition.

These uPVC Casing Pipes are lightweight, making them easy to install and handle. They also have a smooth inner finish that helps to reduce friction and improve flow. What’s more, their unique construction allows for flexibility when working with curves during installation.

Overall, uPVC Casing Pipes provide superior protection and performance in the most demanding of environments. With their reliable construction and long-lasting durability, they are sure to meet any project's needs while helping you save money in the long run.

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Specification of uPVC Casing Pipe


uPVC - IS : 10148

Nominal Diameter

1″, 1¼”, 1½ “, 2″, 2½”, 3″, 4″, 5″ & 6″

Length of Pipe

Upto 6 meters


Casing Medium (CM) – 35mm to 200mm, Casing Shallow (CS) – 150mm to 200mm, Medium Well Screen (RMS) – 100mm to 200mm

Working Pressure

2.5kg/cm² to 10kg/cm²

Maximum installation depth

450m for CD Series, 250m for CM series, and 80m for CS series

Types Of uPVC Casing Pipes

uPVC Shallow Casing Pipe

uPVC Shallow Casing Pipe

uPVC Medium Casing Pipe

uPVC Medium Casing Pipe

uPVC Deep Casing Pipe

uPVC Deep Casing Pipe

Pressure Chart Of uPVC Casing Pipe

Nominal Diameter (DN) Mean outer Diameter (d) of pipe (mm) Wall Thickness (mm)
Type – CM Type – CS
Inch mm Min Max Min Max Min Max
40 48.00 48.20 3.50 4.00
2 50 60.00 60.20 4.00 4.60
3 80 88.00 88.30 4.00 4.60
4 100 113.00 113.30 5.00 5.70 4.00 4.40
5 125 140.00 140.40 6.50 7.30 4.90 5.40
6 150 165.00 165.40 7.50 8.50 5.70 6.50
7 175 200.00 200.50 8.80 9.80 7.00 7.80
8 200 225.00 225.50 10.00 11.20 7.60 8.80
10 250 280.00 280.50 12.50 14.00 9.60 11.00

Features Of uPVC Casing Pipes

Specification followed IS 12818:2010 equivalent to DIN 4925.

Trapezoidal threaded socket & spigot ends for easy, reliable jointing, long and better strength.

Surface finish of this pipe is extremely smooth which reduces the hydraulic friction.

Ribbed screen pipes are used especially when outer surface area of bore-well casing pipe is to be increased. These ribs provide around 25% of additional surface area by virtue of its design. Besides that if hole gravel balls away from the pipe at a distance of about 2 mm. This arrangement naturally cleans slits due to vertical flow passage and allows more water to seep in, resulting in higher yield than other plain screen pipes from same bore.

Horizontal Slots to get maximum water yield.

Easy to Handle

Corrosion Free

Ultimate Tensile Strength & Impact Strength.

Maximum Yield of Water.

Easy Joining & Installation.

Ideal for deep or shallow bore wells for clean water.

Long Life.

Very high collapsible resistance.

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