Water Pump Pressure Control Switch And Float Switch

Float Switches offer many advantages over traditional pressure controls. They are extremely versatile and can be applied to a variety of applications, such as controlling water levels in tanks or monitoring liquid levels at different points in a piping system. Float Switches are available in various types, each providing unique features and benefits. For example, there are single-level float switches that only have one switching point; dual-level float switches that have two switching points; and adjustable setpoint float switches with adjustable switching points. Float Switches also come equipped with different kinds of actuators, ranging from mechanical to electronic types.

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When it comes to selecting the right float switch for your application, you want something that is reliable and easy to install. Our selection of quality float switches is designed to provide optimum performance in a variety of applications. With features like adjustable switching points, low power consumption, and superior corrosion resistance, you can find the ideal switch for your project. Our float switches come with all the necessary fittings and mounting hardware required for installation. We also offer technical support services for any questions or concerns that may arise during installation or operation.

Whether you’re looking for a single-level switch, dual-level switch, or adjustable setpoint switch; our selection of high-quality Float Switches is sure to satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

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Specification of Pressure Control And Float Switch

System Pressure Rating

Maximum 10 Bar


50 & 60 Hz/220/240V

Maximum Current

10 Amps

Max Flow rate


Float Switch

10 & 16 Amps, 125-150 V Range(AC), IP68, Immersion Depth-10 Mtrs

Installation Opening

Upto 20 mm

Types Of Pressure Control And Float Switch

Pressure Control Switch

Pressure Control Switch

Float Switch

Float Switch

Cable-Suspended Float Switch

Cable-Suspended Float Switch

Features Of Pump Pressure Control And Float Switch

Automatically start and close the pump according to the set pressure.

This water pump pressure switch is applicable for clean water source.

It has the function of water shortage protection of water pump.

It is made of high quality material, with long serving life.

Float switches can detect and actuate a pump to prevent rising water levels in the sump pit.

Water tank float switches can help control water levels for potable water, rainwater, wastewater, and sewage application..

switches on/off with the rise/fall of the float switch in the water.

The beverage industry uses float switches for filling or emptying beverage tanks.

Industrial washers use them to monitor the washer water level.

Simple & low-cost mounting.

Doesn’t require an auxiliary power supply.

It can be used for any kind of liquids like Acids, Chemicals, etc.

Surface disturbances like bubbling, foaming, and ripples will not affect its performance.

It can be used with a temperature sensor or temperature switch.

The fluid conductivity & Dielectric constant will not affect operation.

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