Copper Slitting Coils

Brass Slitting Coils are a great option for metalworking projects that require precision and strength. They are available in various dimensions and thicknesses to accommodate your project needs. The coils are made from high-quality brass for superior strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Additionally, the slitting process produces clean edges with no burrs or sharp edges making them safe to handle during fabrication.

Brass slitting coils are ideal for a range of applications, from heat exchangers and roofing to electrical motors, automotive components, and architectural features.

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They offer superior corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, and excellent formability in both hot-rolled and cold-rolled conditions.

These versatile brass slitting coils make it easy to fabricate parts with close tolerances without sacrificing either quality or performance. Their uniformity of gauge makes them perfect for intricate details like lamination, embossing, and punching. Additionally, their bright color can add a unique visual appeal that enhances the appearance of any product or application.

For those looking to achieve maximum durability with minimum effort, these brass slitting coils are an excellent choice.

These Brass Slitting Coils can be used in a wide range of applications including architectural elements, artwork, furniture components, decorative trim kits, marine parts, and more. They offer an easy way to cut intricate shapes out of sheet metals without compromising accuracy or precision. With our Brass Slitting Coils, you’ll get the precise cuts you need with the strength of brass to ensure a long-lasting result.

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Specification of Brass Slitting Coil



Coils Thickness

0.2mm – 5.0mm

Coils Width

3.2mm – 1500mm & bove

Coils Inner Diameter

610 +0/-5 mm

Coils Length

As per your requirement


Half Hard, Soft, Hard, Quarter Hard, Spring Hard

Types Of Brass Slitting Coils

Brass Hot Rolled Slitting Coil

Brass Hot Rolled Slitting Coil

Brass Cold Rolled Slitting Coil

Brass Cold Rolled Slitting Coil

Brass Slitting Coil

Brass Slitting Coil

Sizes Of Brass Alloy Slitting Coils

Type Width Thickness Inner Diameter
Brass Hot Rolled No.1 Coils 610~2000 mm 2.5~10.0 mm 610 +0/-5 mm
Brass Cold Rolled Coils 610~1524 mm 0.3~3.0 mm 610 or 508 +0/-5 mm

Equivalent Grades Of Brass Slitting Coils

Grade C21000 C22600 C23000 C24000 C26000 C26130 C26800 C27000 C27200 C27400 C28000
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