Mild Steel Round Bars

Mild Steel Round Bars are made from low-carbon steel (iron alloy) and possess properties such as ductility, malleability, and strength. These features allow Mild Steel Round Bars to be used in a variety of applications ranging from construction to industrial machinery.

They offer excellent thermal conductivity due to their low carbon content, making them ideal for use in heating elements or radiators. They also have good machinability which makes them suitable for fabricating parts like bolts and nuts. Furthermore, the corrosion resistance of Mild Steel Round Bars is greater than that of other steels, allowing them to be a great choice for outdoor structures.

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The high tensile strength and relatively low cost of Mild Steel Round Bars make them a popular choice for use in automotive and agricultural machinery. Automotive parts such as engine components, shock absorbers, drive shafts, and suspension components often require the strength of Mild Steel Round Bars. Similarly, tractor frames, plough discs, harrows, and other implements are commonly made from this alloy too.

Mild Steel Round Bars can also be used in a variety of decorative applications. They can be used to create attractive garden furniture or wall decorations. Furthermore, they are often incorporated into interior design projects due to their versatility and attractive finish when exposed to air.

Overall, Mild Steel Round Bars offer superior strength and durability along with excellent thermal conductivity and machinability which make them suitable for many different applications.

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Specification of Mild Steel Round Bar



Bar Tolerance

H8, H9, H10, H11, H12, H13K9, K10, K11, K12 or as per requirements

Size & Length

3mm~ 800mm / 1 to 6 Meters or as customer's requirements


50 mm to 6000 mm Long

Bars Condition

Hardened & tempered, annealed


Hot Rolled, Cold Drawn, Cold Rolled, Forged

Types Of Mild Steel Round Bars

Mild Steel Bright Round Bar

Mild Steel Bright Round Bar

Mild Steel Forged Round Bar

Mild Steel Forged Round Bar

Hot Rolled Mild Steel Round Bar

Hot Rolled Mild Steel Round Bar

Standard Sizes Of MS Round Bars

Type Sizes in milimeter Sizes in inches Tolerance
Peeled and Polished 40.00 - 150.00 1.50 - 6.00 h11, h11-DIN 1013
Cold Drawn and Polish 3.00 to 75.00 1/8 to3.00 h8 to h11
Cold Drawn and Ground 10.00 to 75.00 5/6 to 2.50 h8 to h11
Peeled nd Ground 20.00 - 50.00 3/4 - 2.00 h9 to h11

Equivalent Grades Of Mild Steel Round Bars

EN10025(93) EN10025(90) DIN 17100 NFA 35-501 BS4360 JIS3101
S275J0 Fe 430C St 44-3U E28-3 43 C
Grade EN10025(93) EN10025(90) DIN17100 UNI BS JIS
IS2062 E410 S355J2G3 Fe 510D2 St 52-3N Fe 510 50D SS490C

Weight Chart Of Mild Steel Round Bars

Size in mm Average Weight
10 0.62 0.18
12 0.90 0.30
14 1.20 0.40
16 1.60 0.50
18 2.00 0.60
20 2.50 0.80
22 3.00 0.90
24 3.56 1.08
25 3.90 1.20
28 4.80 1.50
30 5.55 1.69
32 6.30 1.90
34 7.14 2.18
36 8.00 2.44
40 9.90 3.00
45 12.49 3.81
50 15.40 4.70
56 19.34 5.89
60 22.20 6.80
63 24.47 7.46
63.5 24.86 7.58
65 26.05 7.94
70 30.20 9.20
73 32.86 10.00
75 34.72 10.58
78 37.51 11.43
80 39.50 12.00
83 42.47 12.95
85 44.55 13.58
90 50.00 15.20
92 52.19 15.91
93 53.39 16.27
95 55.65 16.95
100 61.66 18.79
105 67.98 20.72
110 74.60 22.74
115 81.64 24.88
125 96.34 29.36
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