Titanium Pipe Fitting

Titanium pipe fittings are an excellent choice for industrial, manufacturing, and general-purpose use. They provide superior strength and durability compared to traditional materials such as steel and aluminum. Titanium has high corrosion resistance, is lightweight yet strong, offers superior heat transfer capabilities, and is extremely cost-effective.

Titanium pipe fittings are manufactured using either seamless or welded construction methods. Seamless titanium pipe fittings provide the highest level of strength due to their ability to handle larger pressure loads.

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Welded titanium pipe fittings offer greater flexibility in terms of design options but may require additional support for larger sizes or higher pressures.

Titanium pipe fittings can be used in a variety of applications including fluid transfer, chemical processing, and food production. They are ideal for use in extreme temperatures or aggressive environments due to their excellent corrosion resistance and strength. Titanium pipe fittings can also be used in medical equipment such as MRI scanners and endoscopes where the lightweight nature of titanium makes it an ideal choice.

Titanium pipe fittings provide a high level of strength combined with superior corrosion resistance, making them a great choice for industrial applications. Their cost-effectiveness and versatility make them a popular choice for many industries around the world. If you're looking for a reliable product that offers superior performance, look no further than titanium pipe fittings.

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Specification of Titanium Pipe Fitting


ASME B16.9

Size Range

½" NB to 24" NB in Sch 10s, 40s, 80s


Seamless / Welded / Buttweld

Bending Radius

R=1D, 2D, 3D, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D or Custom


½”NB to 48″NB in


Sch 10s, 40s, 80s, 160s, XXS.

Types Of Titanium Pipe Fitting

Titanium Tee Pipe Fitting

Titanium Tee Pipe Fitting

Titanium Reducer Pipe Fitting

Titanium Reducer Pipe Fitting

Titanium Stub End Pipe Fitting

Titanium Stub End Pipe Fitting

Equivalent Grades Of Titanium Pipe Fitting

Titanium Gr 2 R50400 3.7035
Titanium Gr 5 R56400 3.7165

Weight Chart Of Titanium Pipe Fitting

Grade Specification (mm) Standard
Gr2 (Pure Titanium)

Gr5 (Ti6Al4V)

M (3-64) *L (5-300)
or as your request
M (3-64) *L (5-300)
or as your request
M (3-64)
or as your request
M (3-64)
or as your request
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